At St. 劳伦斯, our goal is to build a community that celebrates and respects diversity in all of its forms. We work hard to engage a multitude of voices and intentionally develop spaces where we can teach and learn from one another in order to create a culture where every Laurentian’s ideas are welcomed, valued, 被认为是, 和尊重.

我们有工作要做,劳伦特人致力于完成它. To integrate diversity meaningfully into our curricular and extracurricular community life, we need to challenge previous habits and assumptions in order to understand the structures of power 和不公正 in which they exist. We are willing to risk difficulty and discomfort in working towards achieving our goals.


The 多元化和包容性 office supports the University’s quest to create and sustain a living-learning community that embraces diversity in all its forms, challenges habits and assumptions underlying the structures of power, 特权, 和不公正, 并努力确保我们的包容性, 欢迎, 并赋予我们所有成员权力. We host, 协调, 并为每个学期提供大量的编程机会, 与多个部门合作, teams, 俱乐部和组织的努力, and work with the other colleges in the area and members of the local community to develop larger programming initiatives. 


The mission of the Chaplain’s Office is to enhance and nurture the spiritual life of students, faculty, 和St的员工. 劳伦斯. 我们以欢迎和包容为基础 在所有人中, 不分种族, 种族, culture, gender, 性取向, 残疾, 社会经济地位, 或者宗教/精神传统.


圣. BG真人游戏官方网站与学生合作, faculty, 和工作人员, to develop and strengthen relations with Indigenous communities locally, 区域, 而在全国范围内. 

In addition to guiding programming to support the enrollment, retention, and success of St. 劳伦斯的土著学生, 印第安人事务 also collaborates with external organizations to identify opportunities for partnerships across communities.

了解更多关于印第安人事务的信息. 劳伦斯

The 国际学生服务 team supports the intellectual, ethical, 个人, and social development of our international students as they explore their place and purpose as engaged learners in a diverse and interdependent University and world.


Our 学生无障碍服务 will work with you individually to reach your goals. The team provides a wide range of support services and accommodations for students with learning differences, for those who suspect they may have a learning difference and need to be tested, 和/或医疗状况.


The LGBTQIA Student Services is a collaborative interdepartmental initiative aiming to provide advocacy, 信息, 以及LGBTQIA学生的资源, allies, 以及整个圣. BG真人游戏官方网站.


The 第一代计划 was developed to both support and celebrate first-generation college students (students who are the first in their family to go to college). 第一代学生丰富了圣. 劳伦斯 community by bringing under-represented perspectives to higher education and reflecting one of the highest ideals of college in the United States, the expansion of opportunity for young people of great talent and hard work.

Being a first-gen student is something to celebrate, but it also comes with unique challenges. The 第一代计划 exists to help level the playing field. 几位教职员工, including several who were also first-generation college students at one time, 担任导师.


亚瑟O. Eve 高等教育机会计划 (HEOP) is a partnership between St. BG真人游戏官方网站 and the New York State Education Department, designed to find and support students who are capable and motivated to be successful as college students but whose test scores and/or high school grades do not meet regular admission standards and who come from very low income families.



多元化和包容性的工作属于我们所有人. 下面让我们来看看圣. 劳伦斯.







Alumni and parents are invited to take part in webinars and forums, 以及全国各地庆祝多样性的活动.



Faculty, staff, and students collaborate to design programming and educational opportunities for the campus community.



We partner with the area colleges--all located within 10 miles of St. 劳伦斯--to connect our students with one another and host various programs.



Everything from Book Club and workshops to a multi-week course focused on raising cultural awareness, our diversity and inclusion work is happening everywhere on campus.



The Black Laurentian Initiative Fund for Racial Justice and Equity Project, 由总统办公室资助, 支持研究, teaching, and service-focused missions dedicated to addressing the issues of racial injustice in academic disciplines.



We are putting in the work it takes to build a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive community. 我们的多元化和包容性战略行动计划, 2021年推出, proposed a series of actions and interventions designed to raise awareness and improve the climate for inclusion.



You’ll take courses where you will develop a deeper understanding of the nature and significance of diversity within and among groups, 这些群体内部权力和正义的动态, and a capacity for critical self-reflection on how social location shapes interactions between people.



每年, the Diversity Committee collaborates with departments and student groups to host a week packed with events that foster important conversations and encourage individual contemplation and reflection on identity.

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This celebration often takes place each spring and includes a talent show, 表彰仪式, and opportunities for admitted students to meet with current students, 来自多元文化项目的校园领导, 奖学金协调员.