Bold, red styrofoam letters spell S L U. Two students stand on either side of the letters outside of a modern brick building.



准备好去发现圣. 劳伦斯 is where your academic journey should begin? 我们很高兴欢迎你的到来! Register for an upcoming 访问 Day, take a 个性化校园游,探索我们的 虚拟之旅, 下载我们的应用, or attend an upcoming Open House.

Not only will you get a better sense of our vibrant and welcoming community, we'll have a chance to get to know you, 太. And, if you decide to make the trek-你来不来 无论远近你的第一次酒吧饼干我们请. 


We offer a variety of on-campus and virtual visit opportunities that give you the chance to experience student life, 参观我们的学生宿舍, and get to know current students who share your academic and co-curricular passions. 

Congratulations on your acceptance to St. BG真人游戏官方网站's Class of 2028! 决定圣. 劳伦斯 is the place for you is to visit, ask questions, and connect with our community.

We encourage you to enroll in one of our accepted student tours, 开放日活动, 或者虚拟访问.



Join us for a personalized tour of campus with one of our friendly 招生 Ambassadorscurrent students who are eager to answer all of your questions and learn more about your interests so they can help you see yourself in our community.



To give you an overview of what your St. 劳伦斯的经历可以是, visit days include information about academics and student life, 校园之旅, and an overview of our 招生 and 金融援助 process. Come curious and bring any and all questions!



Looking to schedule a field trip for your school or community-based organization to visit campus? 我们很高兴能招待你. Sign your group up for a tour of campus, 和我们的招生人员见面, 并了解圣. 劳伦斯必须提供!



不能去学校? 这完全没问题. We also offer virtual opportunities to connect with members of our community, 更多地了解学生生活, and ask questions about academics, 体育运动, 校外学习, 和更多的.

Learn 关于 Virtual Opportunities

For a guided tour and information about St. 劳伦斯, 下载我们的应用 via the App Store or Google Play.



By “interview” we really mean “casual conversation between you and your 招生 Counselor to get to know one another,” but that doesn’t fit quite as succinctly in a headline. 面试 aren’t required but are encouraged. 



Can't make the trek to Canton just yet or looking for another way to connect with us, 分享对你重要的东西, or ask questions about your college search? We offer off-campus interviews at several convenient locations throughout the year. 



与我们联系, 分享你的兴趣, and ask any and all questions you might have without leaving home. Scheduling an online interview is a great option if you can't make it to campus. We offer online interviews throughout the year. 




Can’t (or simply can’t wait to) make it to campus right now? Explore campus virtually to learn more about: 

  • Richardson Hall, the oldest building on campus
  • 欧文D的树屋学习空间. 年轻的图书馆
  • Johnson Hall of Science and our commitment to environmental sustainability
  • First-year residences and our 一年级的计划
  • The Java Barn, our entirely student-run on-campus performance venue
  • Theme cottages like the Greenhouse, Arts Annex, and La Casa Latina


For a guided tour and information about St. 劳伦斯, 下载我们的应用 via the App Store or Google Play.


Questions to Ask 当前的学生

Our student tour guides are walking St. 劳伦斯百科全书, so don’t be afraid to take advantage of their knowledge with creative questions like:

Where is your favorite spot to grab lunch on campus? 

一个学生坐在大教室里 &“树屋" cubicle elevated among the stacks of books in a library.

Which study spot is the best kept secret on campus?

What has been your favorite class so far?

Students performing music to celebrate Chinese New Year.

How can I engage with art, performances, and ideas from cultures that are different from my own?

How soon can I start working with the Center for Career Excellence? 

A student glides across the snow on cross-country skis. In the background, others are learning how to ski.

How do you make the most of the outdoors on campus? 

Where should I go if I need help on a research paper or oral presentation?

A group of students sit in a drum circle in a large auditorium.

What was your favorite part of your 一年级的计划?

Graduates throwing caps in the air

金融援助 & 奖学金

当你申请St. 劳伦斯, you're automatically considered for merit scholarships. To determine eligibility for additional types of aid, complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student 援助) as soon as possible.

Three Laurentians sitting at a table outside


To get a feel for the campus atmosphere when touring colleges, Kate Songer ‘19 gave each school a point when a current student returned her smile, 提供帮助, 或者为她开着门. The “Smile Test” helped her experience the welcoming St. 劳伦斯 community on her visit, and we encourage you to try it for yourself.